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My Workspace, Gangnam Station Teheran-ro Branch Renewal! "Soho office for 2-6 people"

July 31, 2023

MY WORKSPACE, a company specializing in business space, announced on the 31st that it would reopen its shared office Gangnam Station Teheran-ro branch as a shared office specialized in Soho offices and recruit tenants.

MY WORKSPACE remodeled the entire space of the Gangnam Station Teheran-ro branch into a shared office specializing in Soho offices as the need for Soho offices with 2 to 6 people, such as start-ups at the start-up stage, has increased. 50% discount and 10% discount every month thereafter.

The newly launched MY WORKSPACE Gangnam Station Teheran-ro branch offers a spacious and comfortable shared lounge, meeting rooms for 6 to 8 people, phone booths where you can focus on a call, and booth seats that can be used when you need to have a simple conversation or focus among team members. You can expect a private atmosphere by installing gypsum walls instead of glass walls.

Ron Yang, CEO of MY WORKSPACE, said, "By remodeling the entire space, it provides a spacious and comfortable space even though it is exclusively for 2-6 person SOHO offices, and thorough security management is possible 24 hours a day through the mobile card access method." We offer a variety of benefits, so please show a lot of interest."

Established in 2015, MY WORKSPACE has been solving problems with work space at each stage that a total of 3,500 clients experience as they expand their businesses from the initial start-up stage to custom offices and building offices. It has been registered as a childcare space designated by TIPS operator.